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Swift - Introduction and Basics
This series of articles goes through the basics of Swift. It introduces Playgrounds and REPL; Variables and Constants; Int, Float, Bool; Tuples, Type Aliases, Type Inference, Type Safety, and more.

Articles in this Series
icon-swift-article.jpg 1
This article introduces the Playgrounds - a powerful tool to learn and play with Swift code. It also talks about REPL command line interpreter and IBM’s Swift Sandbox.
icon-swift-test.jpg 2
Test on playgrounds and REPL in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 3
This article talks about variables and constants and how Swift forces you to choose var (a variable) or let (a constant) right at the time of declaration.
icon-swift-test.jpg 4
Test on variables (var) and constants (let) in Swift
icon-swift-article.jpg 5
This article discusses code commenting for various purposes, including generating documentation.
icon-swift-test.jpg 6
Test on comments, structured comments, and markup in Swift
icon-swift-article.jpg 7
Tags: int, types, swift
This article goes through the usage of various integer types in Swift (including Int and UInt).
icon-swift-test.jpg 8
Tags: int, types, swift
Test on Integer types in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 9
This article talks about decimal numbers in Swift, including Float, Double, and CGFloat. Also talks about Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal representations.
icon-swift-test.jpg 10
Test on Float and Double types in Swift, as well as binary, octal, and hex representations.
icon-swift-article.jpg 11
Tags: bool, types, swift
This article discusses the boolean types in Swift and contrasts with how these types are used in C and Objective-C.
icon-swift-test.jpg 12
Tags: bool, types, swift
Test on Boolean Types in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 13
Tags: tuples, types, swift
This article discusses the Tuple type which is introduced in Swift, but was not there in C or Objective-C.
icon-swift-test.jpg 14
Tags: tuples, types, swift
Test on tuples in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 15
Tags: typealias, types
This article talks about using a different name to refer to a type, by using typealias.
icon-swift-test.jpg 16
Tags: typealias, types
Test on using Type Aliases in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 17
This article talks about miscellaneous topics and concepts in Swift: Type Inference, Type Aliases, Type Safety, and Type Conversion
icon-swift-test.jpg 18
This is a test on Type Inference, Type Safety, and Type Conversion in Swift.
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